At Truflation our goal is to create an aggregated data feed that most closely resembles what is true in the real world.

The Truflation Index, for example, is updated daily, and is measured based on the price data of millions of items across the economy. Additionally each item’s price is gathered from multiple different sources to ensure veracity. Our Data Methodology and the quality of our indexes are part of what makes truflation best in class.

Our Methodology

Below is an outline of how we approach the collection and indexing of the world's financial and economic data, using our first index Truflation US for illustrative purposes.

Truflation Index

The Truflation index is updated daily and tracks the price data of more than 10 million items across the economy. Each sub-category has multiple data sources to ensure veracity.

Our Data Partners

The depth and breadth of our data in combination with our data methodology are part of what makes Truflation best in class.

Data Updates

26 September 2022

  • News

Truflation Deep Dive: Energy & Utilities

In this deep dive, we look at the data behind utilities, what lies behind energy prices, and how this affects everyone globally, no matter where you live.

22 September 2022

  • News

Truflation Fed Update: Higher-for-longer

The Federal Reserve dot-plot shows that the Fed is serious about keeping rates higher for longer. Let’s look at the data and where the US economy, brought to you by the Federal Reserve, is taking us.

15 September 2022

  • News

Truflation Data Insights: UK September 2022

September’s ONS release for August was full of surprises and contradictions. Let’s dive into the numbers and see what our data insights reveal.

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