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Inflation rates are sky high

The official US inflation is now the highest in 31 years, with many product prices increasing rapidly. The 2021 Thanksgiving dinner cost 14% more than last year. In November 2021, you paid 51% more for gas, 24% more for steak, 20% more for bacon, and 12% more for eggs.

If the prices rose by two-digit percent, why is the headline inflation so low? Inflation is, after all, the annual change in the price of goods and services.

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There is a lot of controversy around the government's inflation index

Governments and central banks are responsible for gathering information, calculating metrics, and reporting to the public. The way inflation is calculated changes often, favoring methods that report lower inflation rates.

If it were calculated using methods discontinued in the 80s and 90s, the official inflation would be around 14% and 10%, respectively. The newest inflation indexes currently being tested by the Bureau of Labor Statistics report even lower inflation. But why would the government lowball a metric so crucial for the economy?

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We've created a custom index to find out the true inflation rate

Headline inflation you encounter in the news is the yearly change in CPI (Consumer Price Index). We've researched, deconstructed, and remastered the official CPI to create a metric that reflects the true price change in the market. The resulting US Truflation index offers daily inflation updates using the latest real market data, transparent and available to everyone through decentralized blockchain oracle.

The Truflation solution

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We've researched inflation, partnered with scientists, scoured the databases, and replaced outdated surveys with real-time market information.

The Truflation index is now available across multiple chains.

The Truflation index is now available across multiple chains.

This month, Truflation took advantage of the interoperability of the Chainlink oracle network and released multiple new nodes making our independent inflation data compatible with various native chains. We are thrilled to offer our builders access regardless of their preferred chains and dApp environments. Apart from the previously released Ethereum mainnet and testnet, Truflation is now available to smart contracts on Avalanche [

Truflation - CPI: Back to the Future

Truflation - CPI: Back to the Future

The BLS’s CPI report is now in. What does it tell us about the US inflation rate, and what is driving the increases we see at Truflation? Let’s dive into the report and compare it to our insights. CPI rate of inflation for the 12 months ending April was 8.3%. Their rate was lower than the Truflation figure of 11.65% on 1st May. Removing energy and food, the CPI annual inflation was still 6.2%. Sadly, their data is for April. This data lag makes it difficult to identify core inflation drivers i

Truflation CPI Insights For May

Truflation CPI Insights For May

At Truflation, we believe in data and methodology, not sentiment and surveys. We created Truflation [] index based on real market price data collected from 30 different data sources daily to deliver crucial business intelligence around inflation.  We offer real-time on-chain economic metrics for Web3 applications. Many people forecast that the inflation rate would be lower in May than in April, so let’s dive into the data and look at this month’s insights. Based on T

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