Truflation’s mission is to become the defacto standard in financial and economic data worldwide.

Why Truflation

Founded in 2021, Truflation offers independent and censorship-resistant inflation calculations based on census level price information from more than 30 data sources in real time. Truflation was built on the premise of revolutionizing century-old models and methodologies that are no longer relevant.


Proprietary & aggregated data sets are prohibitively expensive.


Organizations have conflicts of interest that create an agenda.


Critical decisions need to be based on data that is trusted, with qualification & verification.

Low barrier to entry

Removing regulatory challenges, physical presences, market influences and capital requirements.

Modern Approach

Calculations not based on outdated models & opaque processes from closed room decisions.

What makes Truflation unique

Data Breadth

Truflation leverages 30+ data sources to give us multiple confirmations of price from different sources on each item we track. EG: Housing currently leverages 5 data sources to track movement.

Unbiased Incentive

The DAO structure incentives truflation to deliver the truth and not what is commercially or politically expedient. In addition to this there is full transparency of the process, protocols and updates of the indexes.

Census Level Data

Each data source provides census level data. We measure price changes of over 10 million products every week giving us a comprehensive granular view of the actual changes in consumer behavior.

In Real-Time

Indexes are updated on a daily basis to provide real-time updates on the changes in pricing that consumers are facing and how it is affecting their wallets.

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Our team has 40+ years of crypto and data experience

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Stefan Rust

Stefan Rust


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Oliver Rust

Head of Product

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Ken Cenna

Business Development Manager

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Victoria Gimigliano

Head of Marketing

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Joel Val Ward

Head of Engineering

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Natalia Nowakowska

Product Marketing and Community

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Joseph Wang

Architecture Lead

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Ivan Jelic

Head of Data

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Winners of the 1729 awards

Truflation won a $100k competition for building an inflation dashboard that was organised by 1729 and Balaji Srinivasan, and supported by Chainlink.

Truflation provides the Web3 industry with an unbiased measure of inflation, on-chain


Oct 2021

Launched Truflation US Index

Dec 2021

Website launched

Feb 2022

Dashboard Launched

Mar 2022

NFT Index launched

Apr 2022

Truflation US Index 2.0

(with 12 categories & Enhanced data sources)

May 2022

1. 16 new NFT Indexes

2. Website / Dashboard 2.0

3. Truflation UK Index

Jun 2022

1. 2022 Other Economic & Financial Data Indexes

2. 2 More Truflation markets

3. Personal Inflation Calculator / Predictor

Aug 2022

8 More Truflation markets In Europe Latam and Asia Pacific

Nov 2022

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