Independent, economic & financial data in real time on-chain

The definitive reference point for RWA tokenization

Truflation is a groundbreaking protocol making powerful financial
data transparent, accessible and censorship-resistant.

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Fast & Transparent

We deliver rapid economic data on-chain that traders, DEXs and institutions use to build powerful tools

Censorship Resistant

Truflation delivers independent, transparent, and real-time financial and economic data on-chain

Built for Web3

Our indexes and feeds are built and distributed for both TradFi and DeFi useless with instant API access

The Problem

Trillions of Dollars Rely on Bad Data

Current data is delayed, stale, tampered with, edited as far as 6 months back and only updated monthly. Calculations, methodologies and time-sets can change on a whim.

The Solutions

Permissionless Access to Open Financial Data

Truflation revolutionizes the world of on-chain data with a truly decentralized database to facilitate the development of innovative data-driven web3 applications.

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The Solutions

Create Limitless Financial Instruments

Whether you’re a developer, an institutional investor or a retail user, Truflation’s powerful range of real-time indexes and economic data feeds will transform your decision-making and support novel financial products.

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Indexes & Data Feeds

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Real-time data from over 30 data sources, encompassing more than 13 million data points


  • USA
  • Index

These futures closely monitor global agricultural dynamics, weather conditions, and economic indicators, reflecting the pivotal role of orange juice in the beverage industry.


  • Worldwide
  • Data Feed

Feed representing gold's enduring role as a precious metal and safe-haven asset. With its significance in jewelry, technology, and as a store of value


  • USA
  • Data Feed

The Solutions

Start Building with Truflation API

Truflation’s ultimate vision is to democratize access to data. Get in touch to find out how our API integration solutions can help you stay ahead of the curve.

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The Token

Powered by the $TRUF Token

The $TRUF token governs and secures the Truflation protocol and rewards its users for their participation. $TRUF is ready for immediate integration with third-party exchanges and wallets.

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Where We’re Headed

Building the infrastructure for limitless markets is like building a software rocket – it is fundamentally hard, and takes extraordinary care to ensure launch is secure and stable. Check out these resources to learn about Truflation’s development progress and how the oracle is progressing towards limitless, open markets and beyond.



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