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Decentralised Infrastructure for Real World Asset Metrics

Driving the tokenization of Real World Assets through independent, transparent, and real-time financial data
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RWAs are about to bring massive sums of money on-chain
This shift not only promises to enhance liquidity within digital markets but also aims to bridge the gap between TradFi assets and DeFi technology, enabling a more inclusive and versatile financial landscape.
Tokenizing off-chain assets requires precise data feeds
Precise and up-to-date information ensures that digital representations of real-world assets are accurate, trustworthy, and capable of fostering confidence among investors.
  • Go long on the US unemployment rate
  • Buy and sell tokenized uranium
  • Short synthetic orange juice futures
  • Hedge against Rolex aftermarket volatility
  • Purchase electric vehicle battery derivatives
Next-generation investors crave unique financial products
There is very little trust left in “official” numbers

In an era where skepticism towards official data and statistics is growing, the demand for transparent, decentralized, and verifiable data sources is more pressing than ever.

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Truflation is a decentralized service that tracks inflation. Truflation is a really awesome Project which is why we support Truflation.


Brian ArmstrongCo-founder & CEO of Coinbase

Since the Federal Reserve started tightening the correlation between headline CPI and Truflation has tightened from .97 to .99. You follow Truflation every day, listen to me!


Danielle DiMartino BoothFormer Federal Reserve insider

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