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500,000+ New Monthly Data Points

Published 08 Nov, 2023

Truflation is excited to announce the integration of six new data providers for our US CPI index. 

At Truflation, our mission is to provide the most comprehensive, accurate, and reliable inflation data for the US economy. This latest upgrade, in which we are taking our game to the next level, is focused on enhancing the breadth of data that facilitates greater granularity and enhances the value of the index further.

Taking Data Granularity to the Next Level

The additional six new data providers include Hyatt, Hilton, Trivago, and others. The total number of prices of goods and service items added to the database is in excess of 500,000 on a monthly basis. This is already on top of the thirteen million+ items we are tracking on a monthly basis.  

These new data providers will affect multiple categories and sub categories which include:

  • Housing
  • Recreation and Culture
  • Household Durables and Daily Use Items
  • Food
  • Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Clothing & Footwear
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Communication and 
  • Education


This change is being implemented on Wednesday, the 8th of November 2023, and the impact of these additions is a mere average increase of the US index by 0.11% over the last 3 years (day to day is expected to be slightly more dramatic). This goes to show that our existing data was already highly reliable and stable. Nonetheless, we believe this upgrade will add more coverage and detail to our already comprehensive US inflation measurement.

In addition, this new data has also been used to revise all our historical data so that the latest figures are an apple-to-apple representation.

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