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Become a Truflation Ambassador!

Published 25 Jan, 2024

Are you as passionate about transparent, limitless data as we are? Do you believe the tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs) can transform financial markets as we know it?

If the answer is yes, then you’re just what we’re looking for! Become a Truflation Ambassador and reap the benefits as you spread the word about the Truflation Stream Network (TSN) and our reliable, real-time data stream. 


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As a Truflation Ambassador, you become one of the most valued members of our strong and diverse community. You’ll get the chance to network with other like-minded individuals, attend exclusive AMAs, gain first-hand insights into Truflation’s exciting developments, and enjoy advantages and incentives along the way. 

Here’s what we need from you in return:

  • expand Truflation’s audience 
  • increase engagement 
  • encourage organic content creation 
  • launch local campaigns 
  • become a strong proactive community behind Truflation

Just like Balaji Srinivasan outlines in his famous book, The Network State, we are building a decentralized, networked community - the Truflation Nation. Through the power of technology and decentralized governance, we will build an efficient, innovative, well-oiled data machine fit for the digital age. 

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Join us, and together, we will build the Truflation Nation – a powerful community of advocates who will work together to open up limitless financial opportunities and democratize access to data!

I Want to Join! When Do I Start?

The Ambassador Program will take part in four seasons, with each lasting 30 days. Here are the dates, so make a note! Read on to find out how many tiers you must complete to qualify for the different roles.

Season 1: Jan 25th to Feb 25th

Season 2: March 4th to April 4th

Season 3: April 8th to May 8th

Season 4: May 13th to June 13th

Truflation Ambassador Roles

Your level of involvement in Truflation Nation is determined by how many seasons of the Ambassador Program you complete. The more you engage, the more we’ll reward you for your time and effort! Here are the four roles that will form the foundation of Truflation Nation:


Qualifier: Complete 1 season


Qualifier: Complete 2 seasons


Qualifier: Complete 3 seasons


Qualifier: Complete 4 seasons

How to Become a Truflation Ambassador

Step 1: Head to the Truflation Campaign on Zealy:

Step 2: Follow all the tasks in order within the specified dates to make sure you complete the entire season! 

The tasks you’ll be expected to complete to qualify will vary from liking, sharing and commenting on Truflation’s social media posts to organizing community challenges and forging partnerships. The more involved the task, the more points you’ll earn for participation.

The total points you earn will be tallied at the end of each season. The more points you collect, the greater your rewards will be! 

So what are you waiting for? Become a Truflation Ambassador and start spreading the word and racking up those rewards! We look forward to welcoming you into the Truflation Nation!

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