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Calling All Builders and Developers: It's Time for a Web3 Challenge

Published 20 Apr, 2022

The Chainlink Hackathon, with more than $500,000 in prizes, is now underway.

Imagine you had access to "all economic data", on-chain, un-biased and verifiably true plus a healthy slice of that prize money. What could you buidl?

As a Chainlink partner with an inflation data oracle available on chainlink, AND as a sponsor of the Hackathon, we are throwing down a gauntlet to challenge developers to build the "next big thing" in crypto, using our Truflation (true inflation) oracle.

Some questions to inspire possible use cases:

  • Is a stablecoin really stable if it loses 13% of it's value year on year?
  • How much did your net worth REALLY grow if your investments have to account for a loss of 13% value in dollar value due to inflation?
  • Was your 10% raise at work, really a raise if the money you're paid in lost 13% of it's value last year?
  • Is 5-10% APR on stablecoin staking a worthwhile venture when inflation is higher? What would the APR need to be in order for that staking to be worthwhile?
  • Could a synthetic asset solve some of the problems with Inflation and if yes how?
  • What dynamic NFTs could you build where the rate of inflation would change the NFT?
  • What first generation dApps and DeFi solutions would be better with inflation data baked in?

We've given $10,000 in prizes and access to our dev team through the Chainlink event and our Discord server to help you realise your vision! General crypto and Chainlink workshops have already begun.

In addition, Truflation will host our very own Workshop on May 10th to help you on-board and to give you direct access to some of our dev team as well as giving you the opportunity to provide us with insights into what you need from us to build your vision.

Our OG Medium post on the Hackathon and Truflation
(all the info and links are here!):

Our Discord Server:
Our Twitter:

Chainlink's Hackathon Discord:

How to participate:

  1. Go over to the Chainlink Hackathon website and register:
  2. Join our Discord Server and the Chainlink Discord Server
  3. Participate in whichever hackathon training events and workshops you feel you need to (full schedule on the chainlink hackathon site)
  4. Build your vision

We wish you mad hacking success and are here to support your journey as we build the most comprehensive source of on-chain, verifiably true economic data available on earth.

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