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Truflation Sponsors Chainlink Hackathon: $15k Prize Money for Solidity Developers

Published 02 May, 2023

We are excited to announce that Truflation is sponsoring a Chainlink Hackathon to inspire and motivate the next generation of Solidity developers to build innovative solutions using our products. We are offering $15,000 in prize money, with $1,000 per project for 15 outstanding projects. This is an incredible opportunity for developers to showcase their skills, gain experience, and contribute to the decentralized finance ecosystem.

At Truflation, our primary product is an independent and unbiased measurement of inflation that updates daily. We aim to provide developers with the most accurate data to build groundbreaking DeFi applications. Alongside our inflation data, we also offer on-chain commodity pricing data. As part of this hackathon, we encourage developers to explore the following ideas:

  • Synthetic Commodity Assets: Create tokens that represent the value of real-world commodities, allowing users to gain exposure to these assets without actually owning them. These synthetic assets can be traded, collateralized, or used to create more complex financial products.
  • 24/7 Commodity Trading: Build a decentralized platform for trading commodities around the clock, enabling users to access global markets without the constraints of traditional trading hours or centralized exchanges.
  • Delta Neutral Hedging of Commodities: Design a system that allows users to manage their risk exposure to commodity price fluctuations by creating a delta-neutral position, which balances long and short positions for a net exposure of zero.
  • Decentralized Perpetual DEX for Commodities: Develop a decentralized exchange that offers perpetual contracts for commodities, allowing users to trade these assets with leverage and without the need for expiry dates, creating a more efficient and accessible market.

While our data is available on several blockchains, we recommend that developers build their solutions using Goerli or Arbitrum networks.

To kickstart the development process and ensure a smooth experience, we have prepared a comprehensive set of documentation and code samples in our quickstart GitHub repository. There are a few code samples and test scripts you may want to start with.

TruflationTester.sol offers a concise illustration of code that retrieves Truflation's YoY inflation numbers, while also referencing, which supplies vital information on contract addresses and job IDs for each supported blockchain.

TfiExample.sol is a more comprehensive sample contract demonstrating the customization options when accessing data. By referring to data-ids.csv, you can explore how to call specific data feeds beyond inflation. Lastly, ping-timeseries.ts is a Mocha test script that sets up tests to verify the functionality of time series data retrieval using the TfiApi library.

We invite all Solidity developers to join the Chainlink Hackathon and create groundbreaking solutions using Truflation's data. This is an excellent opportunity to learn, experiment, and contribute to the DeFi ecosystem. So, let your imagination run wild and happy coding!

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