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New Crypto Trading Accessibility Platform - Haptics DAO - Serves Truflation Data to People with Disabilities

Published 08 Nov, 2022

Haptics DAO is the first platform that brings cryptocurrency trading, governance voting, and price data, including the Truflation indexes, to people with disabilities.

Haptics DAO is a decentralized voice command platform with audio and haptic feedback that helps visually and hearing impaired users access wallets, trade cryptocurrencies, and find information, like price feeds and Truflation data.

Haptic Feedback is the use of touch, like vibration and other tactile sensations, to communicate with the users.

The Haptics DAO project was first created during the Chainlink Spring 2022 Hackathon, where it was awarded the Social Impact prize for its focus and major strides toward overcoming DeFi accessibility barriers.

On Oct 17, 2022, Haptics DAO also won a builders #WAGBI grant with Alchemy following a separate grant from the Ethereum Foundation for further accessibility research. Within half a year, this novel platform secured backing from 3 major industry players: Chainlink, Alchemy, and the Ethereum Foundation.

An estimated 15% of the world has some kind of disability. There are millions of individuals globally who are unable to access and benefit from DeFi and the Web3 space due to a lack of accessibility. In the spirit of inclusivity that permeates the Web3 and blockchain space, Haptics DAO effectively removes existing barriers allowing virtually anyone in the world unfettered access to DeFi.

“We believe crypto and digital payments are an inevitability. We do not wish to see millions of people get left behind. We believe accessibility should be designed from the beginning, not as an afterthought.” - said Mona Rassouli, the co-creator of Haptics DAO.

Historically the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines have been ignored or reduced to the barebone webbing checklist by many corporations. With an increasing global reliance on technology, there is a growing need for more accessible services not only to promote inclusiveness but also to meet emerging regulatory requirements.

The platform consists of four major components: Haptics Dashboard, Haptics DAO, Haptics Truflation, and Haptics Dex.

“Truflation is all about bringing data to everyone and enabling mass adoption across web2 and web3. That’s why we love projects like Haptics DAO that expand that accessibility even further,” said Stefan Rust, founder of Truflation.

The Haptics Dashboard serves the latest cryptocurrency prices sourced using Chainlink price feeds. A DAO enables users to create community proposals and vote on the project’s progress. The Haptics DEX allows users to trade cryptocurrencies using voice and text commands. And the Truflation section that shares our independent daily inflation data with the Haptics DAO users. The project creators are now working on expanding their accessibility features to people with other disabilities.

About Haptics DAO

Haptics DAO is a revolutionary, decentralized, voice command-enabled cryptocurrency platform designed for overcoming accessibility barriers. We offer a seamless experience powered by voice command, haptic feedback, and audio feedback. The platform is backed by industry power players like Chainlink, Truflation, Alchemy, and the Ethereum Foundation. We believe accessibility should be designed from the beginning, not as an afterthought. #DeFiForAll

About Truflation

Truflation is an economic data aggregator serving independent, unbiased, real-time data on-chain and off-chain. Truflation’s goal is to help individuals, investors, companies, and institutions make more informed decisions by accessing independent and unbiased economic information.

Currently, the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon is running, and you can still register for free for a chance at 300k Chainlink awards, plus 10k Truflation awards and prizes from other track sponsors like Polygon (50k), Solana (10k), Quicknode (5k) and Filecoin/IPFS (75k). Users can qualify for multiple tracks and main awards depending on challenge requirements. To qualify for Truflation awards, you simply need to create a project that uses any Truflation data available via Chainlink and/or APIs: inflation, NFT, DeFi, Sports, and Commodities.

Watch the Haptics DAO entry video to Chainlink Spring 2022 Hackathon.

Written by Natalia Nowakowska

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