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Introducing the Aggregated US Inflation Rate

Published 09 Oct, 2023

This week we introduce the Aggregated US Inflation Rate to the Truflation dashboard along with some exciting new UX features.

The Impact of Compounded Inflation:

Since the onset of COVID-19 in October 2020, the economic landscape has witnessed drastic shifts. Our new aggregated data feed reveals a staggering fact: the compounded rate of inflation during this period means the average American's purchasing power has eroded by 20.40% (updated daily).

This isn't just a statistic—it's a sobering reflection of the real-life struggles people are facing. For many, especially low-income individuals, this decline in purchasing power translates to tougher choices, stretching budgets thinner, and the heartbreaking sacrifice of essential needs. It underscores the profound, often silent impact inflation has on the daily lives of countless individuals, emphasizing the critical importance of staying informed and prepared in an ever-shifting economic landscape.

In our continued mission to provide accessible, reliable financial data, we're thrilled to announce a significant update to the Truflation dashboard:

The Data Feed Toggle:


The Power of the Toggle:

  • With this feature, users can now effortlessly alternate between viewing an aggregated inflation rate for the US and the standard US & UK CPI data feeds.
  • This brings together a broader range of insights, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of inflation trends without having to switch between multiple pages or sections.

An End to Scroll Fatigue:

  • We listened to your feedback! Our category driver data feeds, previously a scroll away, are now a part of this toggle feature.
  • This integration ensures that you can quickly compare and contrast crucial data points without navigating away from your primary view.

User Experience at the Forefront:

  • This update is a testament to our commitment to continuously enhance the user experience. By reducing steps and centralizing data, we've made it even easier to access the insights you need.

As always, we are eager to hear your feedback. Your insights shape our roadmap, and with your continued support, we'll keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in data aggregation and presentation.

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