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TFI Token's Next Chapter: Preparing for a Major Exchange Listing

Published 29 Sep, 2023

Change, especially in the fast-paced world of crypto, can be exciting and pivotal. As TFI prepares for its listing on a major exchange, we've made some enhancements to our token framework that we believe will better serve both our current and future community members.

A Smooth Transition Awaits

While the original TFI token served its purpose well, evolving requirements and technical considerations pushed us to refine its contract. If you're holding onto TFI tokens and wondering about the migration, here's what you need to know:

  • We'll handle the migration through an airdrop, ensuring minimal effort on your part.
  • A snapshot, which determines your token quantity, has already been taken.
  • And here's a bit of good news: we'll be offering existing TFI holders more than just a 1:1 transition. Stay tuned for specifics.

On Liquidity Removal

A heads-up for our community: liquidity for the TFI token has been removed. We made this decision to streamline the migration process and protect our community's interest. It's a temporary move, and it's essential to understand that it's not a cause for alarm but a step toward our bigger goals.

Why TFI Matters Even More Now

Once our initial exchange listing is complete, the following token utilities will be in place on the Truflation website:

  • End Users:  DeFi, TradFi, and B2B customers can pay for Truflation data streams using TFI tokens. In cases where customers pay in stablecoins, a portion will be used for TFI buybacks.
  • Governance Staking: By locking TFI, users can earn yields and be granted veTFI tokens. These tokens grant holders voting rights in the DataDAO to govern decisions related to token distributions and rewards, data category selections, market strategies, and more. For those who joined during our private sale, your locked tokens are automatically deemed staked, allowing you to benefit right off the bat.

As we approach this significant milestone, our priority remains clear: ensuring the trust of our existing community, while inviting new members to join in our excitement. We're on the brink of something big, and we're glad you're with us on this journey.

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