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Truflation Nibiru Partnership: Integrating Data to Power RWA and Gaming

Published 02 Apr, 2024

Independent economic data provider further expands the network of Layer 1 blockchains using its comprehensive data feeds

Truflation, the independent and unbiased provider of verifiable economic data, is proud to announce its integration with Nibiru, a Layer 1 blockchain supporting smart contracts with tokenized real-world assets (RWA), to provide data feeds across its ecosystem.

Through the integration of Truflation’s real-time economic data feeds and indexes, any application built on Nibiru can now effortlessly launch RWA-based indexes in a fully decentralized, on-chain environment. Truflation’s extensive list of data streams and price feeds for commodities and metals, as well as its flagship inflation indexes, combine perfectly with Nibiru’s innovative capabilities. 

Last month, Nibiru officially launched its public mainnet, a developer and user-centric Layer 1 chain. Nibiru offers a secure and efficient environment for building highly performant, decentralized applications. Its robust smart contract ecosystem offers superior throughput and unparalleled security, making it the go-to platform for builders in gaming, real-world assets (RWA), NFTs, DeFi, and more.

Stefan Rust, CEO of Truflation, says: “We’re thrilled that Nibiru has chosen us to power its extensive and growing ecosystem with real-time, independent data. From commodities and metals to inflation, Truflation’s growing list of indexes and data feeds are designed to underpin the growth of real-world asset (RWA) tokenization, bringing trillions of dollars on-chain.”

About Truflation

Truflation is the first DRPp (Definitive Reference Point) protocol. The protocol tracks real-time data across networks, markets, and feeds. Tracking over 18 million items with three price feeds per item, Truflation’s censorship-resistant and accessible data indices provide the necessary data infrastructure to bring about systemic advancements in the DeFi economy, empowering dApps like DEXs and open, limitless markets. From speculating on prices of orange juice and uranium, to enabling BTC-denominated oil, gas, and corn prices, Truflation provides the key to unlocking a diverse array of financial markets and Web3 instruments.

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