Truflation's Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon Winners

06 December, 2022

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Truflation's Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon Winners
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Dec 2, Chainlink announced its Fall 2022 Hackathon winners, including the builders who received the Truflation-sponsored prizes.

This year Chainlink Hackathon prizes included over $376,000 across many categories and sponsor prizes from Polygon, Filecoin/IPFS, QuickNode, Solana Foundation, and Truflation. All winners were announced by Patrick Collins during the Hackathon's closing ceremony.

The virtual event that took place between Oct 14 - Nov 18, 2022, broke Chainlink's record and became the largest Chainlink hackathon to date bringing over 10k developers with 340 final projects completed.

Truflation sponsored a $10,000 prize pool at the Chainlink Fall 2022 and received 44 project submissions, many of which were high-quality MVPs. Out of those, we selected the top projects that had a strong business idea, original code, nice UX, and some context for using our data.

🏆 Truflation's Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon Winners:

  1. Fortunity — a forecast derivatives and perpetuals trading platform
  2. Synergy  — a synthetic assets protocol and trading platform
  3. RealBlock — a real estate DeFi protocol


This year we offered a wider variety of data and indexes compatible with 5 blockchain networks Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Fantom.

  • UK and US independent inflation indexes
  • Price indexes for major categories of products and services: housing, food, transportation, utilities, durables, etc.
  • DeFi Llama statistics
  • NFT indexes (top 11, NFT categories, individual NFT collections)
  • Other data: sports, commodities, consumer sentiment

We also created an API bridge that enabled users to add other types of data to Chainlink.

We would like to thank our hackathon participants for their patience and for beta testing our oracles and Marketplace, not all of which were perfect, especially the recently added data sets. We appreciate you and took all of your issues into consideration when judging the projects.

We will continue to work with the teams that are willing to build new use cases for Truflation data and want to take their MVPs all the way to launch. For more information and tech support, join our discord.

Written by Natalia Nowakowska

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