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Truflation Joins Forces with Impossible Finance in Strategic Partnership

Published 14 Jun, 2023

In this blog post, we announce our strategic partnership with Impossible Finance, an innovative multi-chain incubator, launchpad, and venture builder catering to blockchain projects.

This collaboration is a natural synergy with our mission at Truflation – delivering the most accurate, current, and independent financial and economic data.

With its robust platform, including the highly successful Impossible Launchpad, Impossible Finance caters to over 38k on-chain holders and has an impressive 57% retention rate of return users who invested in more than one launchpad. With a staggering 23.5x average all-time high for their launched projects, Impossible Finance has demonstrated the immense potential of its platform.

They do an excellent job bringing together investors, users, and projects and providing each category with essential opportunities.

Benefits for projects include:

  • Tailored long-term advisory to help them launch right and accelerate growth
  • Crowdfunding tools to bootstrap blockchain projects in a safe, fair, and open manner for builders
  • Network, multi-chain expansion, and partnership opportunities to drive project scalability via Impossible’s vast ecosystem

And for investors:

  • Multiple ways to access early-stage project investment in desired sectors
  • Fair allocation and minimized front-running by bots
  • Transparent investment opportunities

We are incredibly proud to be joining hands with Impossible Finance, hoping to extend Truflation's reach to its broad and successful ecosystem.

Our objective is to amplify awareness and use of open-access, reliable data while leveraging Impossible Finance's comprehensive advisory services. This proven path has been instrumental in the growth and success of numerous projects.

Strengthening DeFi Economy and Enhancing Decentralized Data Access

Our main goal is to aggregate, calculate, and publish the most objective and current economic and financial information, offering a viable decentralized alternative in the form of on-chain price indexes.

These indexes are readily compatible with a plethora of DeFi products and Web3 applications, thanks to our on-chain data made available through the robust Chainlink infrastructure. This integration empowers a new generation of blockchain products, helping people comprehend the current economic situation and successfully navigate the challenging macroeconomic landscape.

Our commitment is not just to question the established norms but to build something superior. As a wise proverb goes, "The only truly persuasive critique is a constructive one." Along these lines, we also offer developer tools designed to usher DeFi into a new era of inflation-proof products, fostering an economy of independently verifiable data.

In closing, our partnership with Impossible Finance is a significant step forward in creating an open-access data economy that prioritizes accuracy, transparency, and real-time updates. Together, we are excited to facilitate and foster the growth of a decentralized and robust DeFi economy.

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