Truflation Partners with Kwil to Decentralize its Databases.

02 November, 2022

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Truflation Partners with Kwil to Decentralize its Databases.
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We’ve partnered with Kwil, a permissionless SQL database for the decentralized internet, to streamline the storage and synchronization of our robust databases on the blockchain.

Kwil is a protocol for designing, building, and deploying permissionless databases. Truflation has a large database already used by a variety of web3 applications and plans to expand the data and builder frameworks substantially in the near future.

Applying Kwil’s expertise will allow Truflation to move faster towards data decentralization and transparency while Kwil gains new use cases for its enterprise-grade storage and database scaling architecture.

“Kwil is a strong supporter of the Truflation mission and is excited to work together to help decentralize their data storage, enabling transparent and reproducible inflation calculations and securing data authenticity and provenance,” said Brennan Lamey, founder of Kwil. “Our partnership will be mutually beneficial because it will allow Kwil to explore use cases and refine our product based on market feedback while giving Truflation and its users unparalleled data integrity.”

Truflation is an economic data aggregator serving independent macroeconomics and financial data on-chain and off-chain. It is now looking to scale its data marketplace into an open-source, decentralized data aggregation platform.

Truflation is in the process of expanding from data creation into a data brokerage focused on adding and verifying 3rd party data and scaling their adoption by builders and developers. The Kwil infrastructure facilitating permissionless storage, retrieval, and building could become invaluable to help Truflation get to that next level.

Kwil helps databases grow alongside the web3 applications built on top and offers an easy-to-use, structured data storage that incentivizes data composability. Kwil's framework, supporting multiple data ingress methods, various data stores, and transaction capabilities, should aid Truflation’s team and the developer community in building and managing complex relational database systems.

“We’re looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with Kwil. We hope their impressive scaling architecture will bring us closer to decentralization faster and in a more systematic way.” – Stefan Rust, founder and CEO of Truflation.

About Kwil

Kwil is a protocol for designing, building, and deploying permissionless databases. By combining the permissionless nature of blockchains with the robust capabilities of existing databases, Kwil extends the promises of Web3 to more complex, data-intensive applications.

About Truflation

Truflation is an economic data aggregator serving independent, unbiased, real-time data on-chain and off-chain, which validates, harmonizes, and calculates outputs using open-source algorithms. Truflation’s indexes are a premium source of independent censorship-resistant financial and economic data on-chain and are the engine that powers inflation-protected web3 applications and blockchain economies.

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