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Truflation Launches a Data Marketplace.

Published 29 Sep, 2022

Open-source infrastructure for sharing real-time data on the blockchain.

Truflation is launching a data marketplace that aims to empower our community to share data and create independent metrics.

Truflation Marketplace has been announced at SmartCon 2022 in NYC by Truflation CEO Stefan Rust, who said:

“Engaging the community through an open-source marketplace helps scale and protect the independent data industry, enables more innovation, and creation of more products that use transparent, decentralized sources of economic data.”

The Truflation Marketplace will allow you to buy or sell data in $LINK and, in the future, also the native Truflation token. You will be able to submit data sets for quality control and auditing, combine datasets into new indices, and gain fees from data and custom statistics valuable to the community.

We secured 3 major independent data providers for the launch:

1. DeFi Llama - a decentralized analytics dashboard tracking TVL and other DeFi data across many blockchains and web3 project,

2. dClimate - a chain-agnostic, decentralized environmental data provider,

3. Hyphen Earth - a decentralized data infrastructure for climate impact disclosures.

Additionally, the Marketplace will be kicking off with 16 on-chain commodity indexes: Sugar; Cocoa; Coffee; Cattle; Corn; Soybean; Wheat; Corn; Rice; Barley; Coal; Oil (Petroleum); Oil (Crude); Steel; Leather; Cotton; and Wool.

You will also gain easier access to the data we already had: Truflation US and UK inflation metrics as well as the price indexes for categories of products and services:

Housing, Utilities, Transportation, Food, Health, etc.

The Truflation Marketplace participants will be able to request and submit

  • Custom data sets
  • Custom indices
  • Custom insights based on multiple indices
  • Data for quality control and auditing

As Truflation moves towards decentralization, the marketplace will develop new, more automated ways of quality assurance and verification, in line with the overarching ideal of the Cryptographic Truth Machine championed by Chainlink. Until then, the quality control will be performed by Truflation consisting of data and developer teams, who also create custom indexes.

Ultimately, Truflation Marketplace will help connect organizations and individuals seeking unique insights and business intelligence with the developer community and data scientists while also providing access to high-quality data sources.

About Truflation
Truflation is an independent, real-time inflation data aggregator, drawing from over 50 data sources and multiple data partners, to deliver the most accurate, current, and real-time macroeconomic metrics, help users make more informed decisions, and create better economic models.

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