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Truflation Token Holder Update #7: Quarterly Insights and New Initiatives

Published 03 Nov, 2023

By Stefan Rust, CEO

Welcome, Truflation Nation, to the seventh Truflation Token Holder Update.

It's been another quarter since we last shared our insights, and today we're excited to bring you up to speed with recent developments, changes, and our growing focus on commercialization. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the key points discussed in the recent update.

Transitioning to More Frequent Updates

In the past, we provided quarterly updates, but given the wealth of information to share, we plan to switch to a more frequent schedule. Expect weekly updates for quick insights and monthly updates for more in-depth dives into our progress.

Emphasis on Growth and Commercialization

While our focus has been on growth, we are now directing our efforts toward commercialization. Our primary goal is to enhance engagement and increase conversion, particularly on our website.

Key Website Changes

We've made subtle changes to our website to provide an aggregated view of how things work. One striking revelation is that if you'd kept your money in US dollars without a pay rise over the last three years, you've essentially lost nearly 25% of your salary due to purchasing power loss (akin to a hidden tax).

Tackling Inflationary-Linked Bonds

With a staggering $3.3 trillion worth of inflation-linked bonds using outdated and biased data, we aim to provide on-chain solutions as more lending moves on-chain. Our objective is to offer products and services that support this growing category.

Enhancements to Data on Our Website

Over the past quarter, we've added more data to our website, which you can explore at We've also upgraded our system to track APIs, offer customer keys, and monitor analytics on six different blockchains.

Premium Features and Marketplace

In addition to our standard features, we've introduced premium features and a marketplace where you can access a variety of economic data, including popular items like gold, oil, and orange juice.

Engagement and Growth Metrics

Our engagement metrics have seen a significant uptick with 32,000 unique visitors per week to our website. We're now placing a stronger focus on engagement to enhance our users' experience.

Truflation Spaces for Valuable Insights

Our Spaces have been thriving with high-caliber speakers like Danielle DiMartino-Booth, Raoul Pal, Lyn Alden, and, Cem Karsan. We plan to continue hosting two Spaces events monthly, focusing on significant government announcements and inflation reports.

Media Recognition

We've been making waves in the media (Nobel economist Paul Krugman cited us in his latest New York Times column), reaching 2.5 million people and amassing 44,000 Twitter engagements. We were featured on an episode of Nasdaq TradeTalks, discussing FOMC decision-making and inflation. Additionally, we've obtained a wealth of sales leads and brought in a new sales head to close substantial monthly recurring revenue deals.

A Glimpse into Our Financials

While we're still operating at a deficit, we've been expanding our customer base and revenue. Our current focus is to convert key metrics in this quarter.

Product Updates

We've introduced an aggregated view on our website and are now offering tools, products, and services tailored to enhance investment decision-making.

Tokenomics and Censorship Resistance

We get asked a lot why we need a token for Truflation. We can't continue to operate as a SaaS business. SaaS models have become highly expensive, centralized and are just simply a wrapper around a Postgres database. 

Therefore, we decided a token model will bring 3 core benefits

  1. Ensure censorship resistance
  2. Developing a Web3 native decentralized BFT relational database, so that token holders actually own the utility and its infrastructure
  3. As a participant in the ecosystem you share in its ownership, a community token model where 60% of the tokens are allocated toward building and creating the Truflation Nation 

These three points allow Truflation to operate independently and protect the integrity of our methodology.

Upcoming Token Listing

We're planning to list our token, aiming for January 2024.

Roadmap Progress

We're on track with our roadmap, making strides in multiple areas. While we've faced some challenges, we're continually working to improve our user experience.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us on Telegram or Twitter. We appreciate your support as we work towards our mission of providing accurate and unbiased data to the world. Let's make 2024 a year to remember!

Stefan Rust, CEO

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