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Truflation index update - February 2023

Published 10 Feb, 2023

We are excited to announce the integration of three new data providers into our US inflation index.

Last year, we focused on releasing many new and more granular price indexes such as the UK inflation index and the US and UK category indexes. We also worked on many behind-the-scenes aspects of the project, like building better data injection back-end and unifying our code and documentation.

This year we can finally go back to our core goal of sourcing more data and providers to make the most accurate, robust, and real-time price indexes in existence. We are kicking off the year with the addition of 3 new housing data providers to our US inflation index, including Apartment List and Red Fin.

Thousands of new daily price points were added as of Feb 10, 2023, and lowered our overall index by a mere 0.02%. It is great news for the Truflation index, suggesting that our current data is on point. Furthermore, the additional data sources offer redundancy and make the index more stable in case any of the data sources should fail at any point.

The new data have also been used to revise our index backward to 2010, which added granularity to our historical data. We usually update the index's history for at least one year in reverse so that all time points available on the Truflation dashboard remain comparable and we can calculate the daily year-over-year inflation rates.

This latest product upgrade is only the first in a series of additions we plan for this year, including the new data weights and the upcoming website release, so stay tuned!

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