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Powering the Data Economy

The $TRUF token will power an influx of unbiased, real-world, financial and economic data on-chain.

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The Truflation Stream Network
Develop Innovative data-driven web3 applications
Truflation Stream Networks are designed to enhance any compatible blockchain use cases with real-world data through functions that are not available natively on these blockchains.
The Tokenomics
The Truflation streaming network a definitive reference point protocol, network of nodes that verifies real-time data for RWA's and users. The TRUF token is an incentive mechanism inherent to the underlying technology, verification system and users of the protocol to verify that data in a decentralized, immutable way.
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Using the TRUF Token

Building the infrastructure for limitless markets is like building a software rocket – it is fundamentally hard, and takes extraordinary care to ensure launch is secure and stable.

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The Token

The $TRUF Token Governs the Protocol and Rewards Participation

Holders of the $TRUF token gain governance rights to the Truflation Stream Network Protocol and help maintain data quality, a robust indexing methodology, and strong governance.
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