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Truflation Community Update #2

Published 07 Jul, 2023

Welcome to the second edition of our Truflation Community Update!

It's been an exhilarating and busy time, with plenty to report in this edition. So, without further ado, let's get started!


Product updates

  • New data feeds
  • New subcategories
  • Truflation Premium introductory price ending


  • Mycelium partnership
  • Impossible Finance

Truflation broadcast

  • Twitter Spaces & other live discussions

Community Space

  • Chainlink Hackathon

Product Updates

While inflation is a significant focus for us, there's more to Truflation than just inflation indexes and data.

New data feeds

The economic landscape is so complex that navigating it requires a variety of data. That's why we've added data feeds – to provide a comprehensive source of up-to-date financial data to fuel any economic endeavor.

These are the data feeds we have added so far:

In May: Natural Gas Futures, Gold Spots, Lumber Futures, US Corn Futures, US Soybeans Futures, Brent Crude Oil, Crude Oil WTI Futures, Gold Futures, US Wheat Futures, Copper Futures

In June: Zinc Futures, US Coffee C Futures, Aluminum Futures, Live Cattle Futures, Palladium Futures, Platinum Futures, US Sugar Futures, and US Cotton Futures

If your business relies on accurate economic data, keep an eye on Truflation because more data feeds are coming soon!

If you want to know more about commodities and why it’s so important to track their prices, you may want to take a look at this article:

Hint: They are a more relevant indicator than you may think.

New dashboard features

We are constantly working on adding new subcategories to the Truflation Dashboard to provide more granularity to the data and give you a clear view of how inflation works.

So far, we have added subcategories under:


  • Owned Dwellings
  • Rented Dwellings


  • Vehicle Purchases
  • Gasoline, Other Fuels, & Motor Oil

Food & Beverage:

  • Food at Home
  • Food Away from Home

Truflation Premium price change

Launching Truflation Premium has been crucial in making inflation data accessible to those who need it. During the introductory period, our users were able to access unbiased data at a significant discount.

However, with the introductory period over, the price has now changed. Even so, you can still subscribe to Index Only or Truflation Complete for a price unmatched by other sources. And the quality and granularity remain unique and far more valuable than the price tag.


This month, we had a truly exciting announcement – a partnership that brings a new and innovative product to the market.

Truflation partnered up with Mycelium and created the first-ever inflation perp pool!

That means that users now have the option to take either a long or short position on the Truflation number, updated daily using over 10 million data points.

Sounds intriguing?

You can read more about this pool and the partnership in this blog article:

Impossible Finance

We have also forged an alliance with another significant partner in a collaboration designed to bolster the DeFi economy.

Our strategic partnership with Impossible Finance will facilitate the expansion of Truflation's influence to a wider ecosystem.

For more information about this partnership, refer to this blog article:

Truflation Broadcast

In this new section of our monthly update, we plan to keep track of all the interesting discussions our team participated in. We will also share articles mentioning Truflation or any nominations we feel grateful for.

The month started with Truflation founder Stefan Rust joining Kelly Evans for an insightful discussion for CNBC.

Then we had a great inflation analysis ahead of the BLS CPI release on Twitter Spaces with Toby Lewis of Novum and Kirk Chisholm of MTP.

If you missed it, the discussion is still available here:

We hosted another Twitter Spaces session, this time debating the possibility of another rate hike.

The ‘Understanding the FOMC’ discussion is still available here:


CPI talk with Kirk Chisholm of Money Tree Podcast and Toby Lewis from Novum Insights can be found here:

FOMC discussion with former Dallas Fed advisor Joseph Tracy and Omar Yehia of The Matter Labs and zkSync can be found here: Understanding the FMOC June 2023 | Twitter Spaces

And then, we had a special opportunity to promote the value behind Truflation while getting real work done in a challenging and inspiring environment.

We participated in Donuts Capital’s Pitch Room, for which we are grateful, as it was a great experience.

Another important broadcast was the one with The Trading Battle, where our very own Oliver Rust broke down inflation trends, talked about current economic growth, and presented forecasts for the next six months.

You can still watch the broadcast on YouTube:

We were also quite thrilled to see we made it to Twitter Score’s weekly trends.

And last but not least, we joined Nuon Finance, Floatcoin, and Impossible Finance for a great talk on flatcoins.

With such a great mixture of stability and innovation, flatcoins are an element that the market needs, and they are heading toward a promising future.

If you want to hear all about it, the Twitter Spaces discussion is available here:

And on the topic of appreciable mentions of Truflation, here's economist Danielle DiMartino Booth emphasizing the correlation between Truflation and the CPI:

Community Space

As you may recall, Truflation has proudly been one of the sponsors for Chainlink's Spring 2023 Hackathon. We had set aside $15,000 in prize money, which was distributed among the most outstanding projects.

We are delighted to announce the winners:

  • 1st prize: Lendr - $6,000
  • 2nd prize: Insureshield - $4,000
  • 3rd prize: Smartprice - $3,000
  • 4th prize: dvest - $1,500
  • 5th prize: Chainhedge - $500

The sum of these prizes totals the $15,000 we initially pledged. Congratulations to all participants, and we are looking forward to discovering your next projects!

Seeing our community grow is the best indicator that the work we’ve been doing,  opening up accurate data to the general audience, has been paying off.

Truflation is all about data-based progress, and it’s great to see enthusiastic data sleuths joining our path.

Let’s expand this community even more! Tell everyone about Truflation and the kind of data that is now available. Invite them to our official channels; we are always eager to chat.

And don’t forget to watch our YouTube channel; whenever there’s an interesting discussion or analysis, we post it there. So you may want to hit that ‘subscribe’ button:

That concludes our second Truflation Community Update.

Thank you for staying up-to-date, and keep an eye on us on Twitter and Telegram for more updates. Until next time, put that valuable data to good use!

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