These critical financial indexes and benchmarks are finally available on-chain | Truflation
RWA Indexes
These critical financial metrics are finally available on-chain
Centralized index providers are practically household names
Truflation introduces a decentralized alternative, offering on-chain indexes that promise enhanced transparency, security, and accessibility.
These benchmarks secure trillions of dollars every day
Financial benchmarks play a critical role in the global economy, underpinning trillions of dollars in transactions, derivatives, and financial contracts worldwide.
Exchange Traded Funds
Mutual Funds
Other Financial Products
Truflation enables the world's most unique financial products
Prediction Markets
Synthetic Assets
Perpetual Markets
Lending Protocols
And more...
Trust-minimized indexes unlock the full potential of RWA tokenization
This not only enhances the accuracy and reliability of asset valuations but also unlocks new possibilities for asset management, trading, and investment, heralding a new era of financial innovation and inclusion.
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