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Methodology Matters

Truflation offers a more reliable view of inflation, contrasting with government metrics that have outdated methodologies and limited transparency. With over 10 million data points, it updates daily and has a dynamic and transparent methodology that responds to global market conditions.

  • Total Data Points


    More data points than traditional inflation data

  • Real-time Daily Data


    Faster than traditional inflation tracking methods

  • Total Data Sources


    Various sources for a more balanced outcome

  • Transparency


    Providing a verifiable census level data oracle

Verifiable Truth is in Short Supply

Historically, government inflation metrics have produced biased outputs, built on outdated methodologies. They lacked modern measurement techniques, provided limited levels of transparency, and only updated monthly.

Truflation delivers a new inflation truth-set — built on +10 million data points, updating indices daily, not monthly. The methodology is transparent and dynamically adjusts to global market conditions

Our Methodology

This outlines our process for collecting and indexing global financial and economic data, using Truflation US as an example.

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